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ProPremium Garcinia Review

When it comes to premium supplements, what are the big names? We couldn’t think of any either. Sure, there are the expensive weight loss quasi-supplements like Slimfast. But we’re talking cutting edge stuff here, like keto pills or Garcinia supplements. It’s that lack of a definitive answer that we think Pro Premium Garcinia is really trying to target with their new Garcinia cambogia supplement. But does it succeed in making that splash into the premium garcinia pill category? Or does it fall short?

In our review of ProPremium Garcinia, we’re going to look at a lot of questions we have about the supplement. That starts with ingredients! It’s the most important part of any supplement, and there’s a reason they put it on the back of the bottle instead of the front. We’ll also look at any known side effects for Pro Premium Garcinia Cambogia, before moving onto the dirty details on price. We’ve also heard some rumors of a trial program, so we’ll talk terms before heading on to our final thoughts. We won’t have any user reviews this time around because the product is so new. Speaking of hot new products, we just found our new favorite supplement company. You can check out their all-star weight management formula by clicking the banner. It comes highly recommended!

Pro Premium Garcinia Cambogia Review | Initial Thoughts

So you’re on the hunt for a weight loss solution? You’re probably not surprised to know there are a lot of people like you out there. The first thing we noticed about Pro Premium Garcinia is that they’re really trying to target people who are desperate to lose weight.

Pro Premium Garcinia Pills

While we’ve found ourselves in that category before, and that kind of marketing can appear really attractive at times, it made us suspicious. Some of the claims they’re making sound too good to be true.

But that’s why we’re jumping right into the next section. We want to talk more about the ingredients for ProPremium Garcinia to see if they stack up the claims. Let’s jump right in!

Pro Premium Garcinia Ingredients

The whole point of getting a premium supplement is that you’re going to get the best possible ingredients. So when a company like Pro Premium Garcinia puts it out there that they’re using the absolute best ingredients, you get intrigued. Where are they getting it from? How are they preparing it?

Unfortunately, when it came time to look at that information, we were left hanging. They either didn’t have the data available, or didn’t communicate it in their sales page.

So what do we know about Pro Premium Garcinia Cambogia ingredients? Mostly that they’re using a Garcinia extract that results in a 60% HCA content. That’s the standard concentration for Garcinia supplements, as far as we can tell.

Pro Premium Garcinia User Reviews

While we would love to dive into some ProPremium Garcinia User Reviews, unfortunately the product is so new that they’re tough to find. We’re not even sure that the first person has received their product. That’s how new it is! But we did want to get first word out on the internet so people couldn’t say they had seen a bunch of user reviews. Now you know that they’re fibbing a bit.

Pro Premium Garcinia Cambogia Price

Right now, the price we’re seeing for Pro Premium Garcinia is dependent on the trial program. The price per bottle of Pro Premium Garcinia is $92.71, which puts it squarely in the premium supplement category. But that’s expected, given the name, right?

While we haven’t seen information on a price without going through the trial, we would imagine it’s in that same ballpark range.

So, how does Pro Premium Garcinia Cambogia stack up against similar products? Let’s take a look;

  • Bargain Garcinia – $15-20
  • Mid-Quality Garcinia – $20-50
  • Premium Garcinia – $50-100

While we’re not entirely convinced that there’s much difference between the premium and Mid-quality marks, there’s definitely a difference between premium and bargain.

Is there a Pro Premium Garcinia Trial Program?

While we can’t speak for future plans with Pro Premium Garcinia, as of now they’re showing a trial program. Let’s take a peek at what they have going on under the hood;

  1. It’s a trial program – but you knew that, right?
  2. 15 day trial format — with 4 of those days accounting for shipping of the product.
  3. Subscription/Autoship – After the trial, you’re auto-enrolled in a monthly shipment
  4. Trial Cancellations – These have to be within the first 15 days, or you’ll get billed
  5. Customer Service for Pro Premium Garcinia – (855) 350-8011 and

So what’s our take on the trial? It’s alright. We’re not crazy about the length of time, or the price. But we do think the product will be up to snuff.

Pro Premium Garcinia Review | Final Thoughts

So we’ve covered a lot of information here in our ProPremium Garcinia Review. But we certainly haven’t covered everything there is to know about this intriguing supplement. If you’re feeling adventurous and have the time and energy to follow the trial criteria, check it out. Then let us know what you think!

Until then, we’re not going to recommend Pro Premium Garcinia pills to our readers just yet. That might change once more information comes out, but we want to play it safe. For now, we’ll give it a 3/5 star rating.

Pro Premium Garcinia Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, I have order xxxyz and I want to cancel my order.

First off, that’s not a question. Second off, we’re not the company so we can’t help you with cancellations for Pro Premium Garcinia. We’ve provided the customer service numbers above for you to use, but we can’t help beyond that.

How do I get the most from Garcinia pills?

That’s an easy one. Stick with it, work out and eat right. It may sound like the same thing you’ve heard over and over. But if you stick with your plan and keep at it, you can do anything.